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PestShield Ant Killer Powder 150G


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  • For use on indoor and outdoor hard surfaces
  • Kills ants, cockroaches, beetles, earwigs, silverfish, woodlice, wasps & other crawling insects
  • Use biocides safely – always read the label before use
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PestShield Ant Killer Powder

PestShield Ant Killer Powder is an advanced formula which provides an effective way to eliminate unwanted ants and crawling insects in and around your home. The formula is effective to be use on outdoor surfaces such as patios, paths & driveways and wasps nests. The easy to pour bottle allows for a maximum coverage and is fast acting and long lasting.

Directions for use

  • Open the lid carefully following the instruction on top of the lid.
  • With container pointing downwards, apply as a fine dust onto surfaces at an approximate rate of 25g/sqm.

Ants – Where possible open up ant nests, dust well and tread down. Apply to the entrance of nests. Dust along ant runs, cracks & crevices. Where ants are invading premises apply at entrance points such as doors, windows, air bricks etc.

Wasp Nests – Either apply directly into nests or place in small piles at nest entrances. Application should preferably be carried out in the evening or when dull and overcast when the wasp activity is at a minimum. Care should be taken not to disturb the colony and keep away from the nests until the wasp activity has ceased.

Crawling insects – Apply into cracks, crevices and any entry points. Alternatively, the powder (2-3g) can be placed into a bait station and placed in an area of high insect activity.


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PestShield Ant Killer Powder 150G

PestShield Ant Killer Powder 150G