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  • Spa Essentials Soft Face Sponge

    • Ideal for facial exfoliating and cleansing
    • Fits comfortably into the hand
    • Will leave skin feel clean and refreshed
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  • Cidal Antibacterial Liquid Handwash Grapefruit 250ml

    • Antibacterial
    • Everyday protection against germs
    • With grapefruit extract
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  • Revuele No Problem Facial Wash Gel Salicylic Acid 200ml

    • 3-In-1 Formula
    • Deeply cleanses skin
    • Matifies skin & helps shrink pore size
    • Alcohol free
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  • Faith In Nature Body Wash Lavender & Geranium 400ml

    • Soothing
    • Cruelty Free
    • Vegan Friendly
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  • XBC So Fresh Watermelon Crush Hydrating Daily Facial Scrub 100ml

    • Formulated with Watermelon Extract, vitamin C, and vitamin E for a rejuvenating skincare experience.
    • Gently exfoliates dead skin cells, unveiling a brighter and healthier-looking complexion.
    • Hydrating properties leave the skin feeling refreshed and nourished, perfect for daily use in your skincare routine.
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  • Lux Botanicals Gardenia & Honey Anti-Bacterial Handwash 500ml

    • Enriched with the delightful scent of gardenia and the moisturising benefits of honey.
    • Formulated to effectively remove bacteria while being gentle on the skin.
    • Comes in a sizable 500ml bottle, perfect for long-lasting use in households or workplaces.
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  • Lux Botanicals Honeysuckle & Neroli Anti-Bacterial Handwash 500ml

    • A refreshing blend of Honeysuckle & Neroli fragrances
    • Anti-bacterial properties for effective hand hygiene
    • Enriched with Glycerin for gentle care of the skin
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  • Lux Botanicals Freesia & Tea Tree Anti-Bacterial Handwash 500ml

    • Delicately scented with the floral notes of freesia
    • Infused with tea tree oil known for its antibacterial properties
    • Provides effective cleansing and moisturising formula
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