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  • Fitstyle Ab Roller

    • Colour May Vary
    • Helps tone, strengthen and develop your body
    • Targets the core abdominal muscles
    • Equipped with foam grip handles
    • Compact and portable
    • Ideal for home and gym workouts
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  • Fitstyle Ankle/Wrist Weights 2×0.5kg

    • Colour May Vary
    • Adjustable straps for secure fastening
    • Place on ankle or wrists for added resistance
    • Helps develop strength, power & endurance
    • 1kg weight approx. (Total)
    • One size fits most
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  • Fitstyle Extra Large Yoga Block

    • Colour May Vary
    • Super light weight
    • Great for seated postures
    • Helps to get into postures safely
    • Fantastic way to gain more flexibility and balance
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  • Fitstyle Resistant Band With Handle

    • Colour May Vary
    • Provides a complete full body workout
    • Padded handles for extra comfort
    • Ideal for stretching and mobility
    • 143cm Length (Approx.)
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  • Fitstyle Anti-Burst Fitness Ball 55cm

    • Colour May Vary
    • Durable balance ball
    • Ideal for aerobic exercise
    • Improve core strength and natural balance
    • Great for toning the full body
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  • Fitstyle Massage Roller

    • Colour May Vary
    • Texture for deeper massage
    • Improves mobility and flexibility
    • Reduces muscle tightness and knots
    • Improves blood circulation
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  • ProCamp Aluminium Bottle 800ml

    • Great for long walks
    • Leakproof
    • Can hold up to 800ml
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  • Fitstyle Resistance Bands 3PK

    • Great for use at home or the gym
    • Ideal for Performing a range of exercises
    • Improves flexibility and builds Strength
    • 50cm circumference Approx.


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