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  • Pride & Groom Dog Rubber Grooming Pad

    • High-quality rubber grooming pad for dogs.
    • Removes loose hair, dirt, and debris from the coat.
    • Gentle rubber bristles provide a soothing massage-like experience.
    • Lightweight and easy to grip for comfortable grooming sessions.
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  • Pride & Groom Shed Control Medicated Doggie Shampoo Cherry 300ml

    • Shed Control: Effectively reduces shedding, keeping your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.
    • Cherry Fragrance: Infused with a delightful cherry scent, leaving your pup smelling fresh and fruity.
    • Medicated Formula: Formulated with skin-nourishing ingredients to soothe irritation and maintain a healthy skin balance.
    • Convenient Size: The 300ml bottle is the perfect size for regular use, ensuring your pet stays clean and happy with every wash.
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  • Pride & Groom Deodorising Doggie Spray With Aloe Vera & Tea Tree 200ml

    • Aloe Vera Infusion: Soothes and hydrates your dog’s skin, promoting a healthy and shiny coat.
    • Tea Tree Essence: Naturally fights bacteria and odours, leaving a refreshing scent.
    • Convenient 200ml Size: Ideal for quick and easy application, perfect for busy pet owners.
    • Odour Neutralizing Formula: Effectively eliminates unwanted smells, keeping your pet smelling clean and fresh.
    • No need for water or rinsing.
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  • Pride & Groom Dry Doggie Spray Shampoo Raspberry 200ml

    • Raspberry sensation fragrance.
    • No need for water or rinsing.
    • Effectively removes dirt.
    • No rinse means no hassle.
    • Soft and gentle formulation.
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