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  • Rapide Shed & Fence Paint Kit 5pc

    • Deep pile roller sleeve and frame for smooth application
    • Three brushes (block, detail, cutting-in) for versatile painting options
    • Paint tray with increased stability for ease of use
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  • Rapide Complete Paint Pad Kit 5pc

    • Microfibre and shed-resistant materials ensure smooth application with consistent coverage.
    • Versatile applicability on walls, ceilings, and all types of surfaces.
    • Ergonomic design and adjustable handle for comfortable and precise painting.
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  • 151 Mini Roller & Tray Set 4pk

    • 1x Tray: The included tray provides a stable surface for the user to load and distribute paint evenly during the application process.
    • 1x Roller: The roller, part of the set, offers efficient and consistent coverage, making it well-suited for small-scale painting projects.
    • 2x Foam Brushes: Two foam brushes are included in the set, providing versatility for detailed work and ensuring a smooth finish on a variety of surfaces.
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  • 151 Decorators Tools Safety Scraper

    • 2 spare blades
    • Rubber handle
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  • 151 Wet or Dry Sandpaper Assorted Sheets 8’s

    • Wet or Dry Usage: The sandpaper sheets are suitable for both wet and dry applications, offering adaptability in diverse working conditions.
    • Wide Surface Compatibility: This versatile set is effective on metals, painted surfaces, wood, and plastic, catering to a broad spectrum of materials commonly encountered in DIY and professional projects.
    • Grit Assortment: The package includes 2 sheets each of coarse, medium, fine, and extra fine grits, allowing users to progress through various stages of surface preparation and finishing with ease.
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  • 151 Masonry Paint Brush

    • Versatile Application: Suitable for all types of cement, stone, and sand-based paints, making it an ideal choice for a variety of masonry projects.
    • Optimal Performance: The brush is crafted with durable bristles that ensure consistent and reliable results on different surfaces, providing efficient coverage and a smooth finish.
    • Ergonomic Design: Designed with user comfort in mind, the brush features an ergonomic handle for ease of use, allowing for prolonged periods of painting without discomfort or fatigue.
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  • Rapide Sticker Gum & Goo Remover 300ml

    • Removes Stickers, Tape, Price Tags and Gum From Hard Surfaces!
    • Use On all non-porous surfaces including glass, metal, plastic and automotive paint.
    • 300ml Solution
    • Easy To Use
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  • Rapide Paint Brush Set 5pc

    • Home Decorating: Rapide’s 5pc Paint Brush Set is perfect for home decoration, offering a compact and versatile solution.
    • Multiple Sizes: The set includes 1x 2”, 2x 1 1/2”, and 2x 1” brushes, providing a range of sizes to cover intricate areas with ease.
    • Precision Painting: Tailored for detailed work, this brush set ensures precision, making it ideal for achieving intricate designs in your painting endeavours.
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  • Rapide Ultimate Paint Brush Roller Set 10pc

    • Complete Set: Rapide Ultimate Paint Brush Roller Set 10pc includes a 9” tray, roller frame, medium pile sleeve, 4” mini roller tray, mini roller frames, mini roller sleeves, 1.5” and 1” paint brushes, and a 12′ x 9′ polythene dust sheet.
    • Size Options: The set offers both 9” and 4” roller options, suitable for various surfaces and tasks. It also includes 1.5” and 1” paint brushes for diverse painting techniques.
    • Protection Included: With the addition of a 12′ x 9′ polythene dust sheet, the set ensures surfaces remain protected from paint spills and splatters during the painting process.
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  • Rapide All Purpose Graffiti Remover 250ml

    • Helps remove spray paint from brick, metal, tiles, glass & most other surfaces
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