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  • Sealapack Resealable Large Food & Freezer Bags 20s

    • 25cm x 25cm approx.
    • Easy to open
    • 20 bags
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  • Sealapack Resealable Food & Freezer Bags 40s

    • 18cm x 18cm approx.
    • Easy to open
    • 40 bags
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  • Tidyz Food Bags 300s (B0557)

    • Size 17cm x 19cm
    • Extra Value
    • Keeps food fresh for longer
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  • Tidyz Freezer Bags 150s (B0687)

    • Size 22cm x 28cm
    • Extra Value
    • Keeps food fresh for longer
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  • Tidyz 15 Double Zipper Freezer Bags

    • Size 25cm x 25cm Approx
    • Tidyz 15 Double Zipper Freezer Bags: Preserve freshness and convenience in your kitchen.
    • Double zipper design ensures an airtight seal for maximum freshness and flavor retention.
    • Pack of 15 bags offers ample storage space for a variety of foods, from leftovers to snacks.
    • Durable and leak-proof construction guarantees worry-free freezer storage and easy organization.
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  • Tidyz 15 Food Bags Slide Zip

    • Tidyz 15 Food Bags Slide Zip offer the ultimate solution for food storage needs.
    • Convenient slide zip closure ensures a secure seal, keeping food fresh and easily accessible.
    • Made from high-quality, food-grade materials that are safe and free from harmful substances.
    • Transparent bags allow for quick and easy identification of contents, saving time in busy kitchens.
    • Versatile bags can be used for organizing and protecting items beyond food, such as toiletries and accessories.
    • Compact and lightweight, making them convenient for carrying in bags, backpacks, or lunchboxes.
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  • Kid’s Sandwich Bags With Fun Animal Stickers 60pk

    • Great for kids
    • Array of exciting cartoon characters
    • Perfect for making lunches fun


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  • Sealapack Assorted Storage Clips 12pk

    • Colour may vary
    • Keeps food fresh
    • Seals any plastic bag
    • Assorted sizes
    • Freezeproof
    • Reusable
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