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  • PestShield Metal Mouse Traps 2pk

    • Classic style trap
    • Fast and effective
    • For indoor and outdoor use
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  • PestShield Spider & Creepy Crawly Killer 200ml

    For eliminating spiders from homes and other premises

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  • Beat It Flying Insect Trapper

    • Perfect for controlling the fly population in large areas
    • Each bug trapper is safe and easy to use
    • Lasts for 30 days
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  • PestShield Advanced Formula Rat & Mouse Killer 4x20g

    • For indoors and outdoors around buildings only
    • Ready to use, no need to handle bait
    • Easy bite through pack
    • Rat & Mouse killer bait for general public use
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  • Pestshield Fly Swatter

    • Easy To Use: The Pestshield Fly Swatter’s straightforward design ensures that anyone can use it effortlessly, making pest control a simple task for everyone.
    • Swat Flies In Seconds: With its quick and efficient swatting action, you can swiftly eliminate flies and other flying insects in no time.
    • Includes Tweezers & Scoop: The added tweezers and scoop make it easy to pick up and dispose of dead insects, providing a hygienic and mess-free solution.
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  • Beat It Flying Insect Paper Catchers – 8 Pack

    • Contains 8 individual catchers
    • For indoor and outdoor use
    • Poison-free
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  • Beat It Mouse Traps 3 Pack

    • Contains three traps
    • Highly effective
    • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
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  • Beat It White Magnetic Door Screen

    • Opens instantly and closes magnetically
    • Allows hands free access
    • Fits most single door sized openings
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  • Beat It Window Sticker Fly Traps 3 Pack

    • Bright & colourful to attract flies
    • Ideal for indoor, outdoor & greenhouses
    • Safe & easy to use
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  • Beat It Slug/Snail Traps 2pk

    • Provide a safe, chemical-free way to stop slugs and snails
    • While not causing harm to other pets and animals
    • The traps are robust, reusable and easy to set up
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  • Beat It Humane Mouse Trap

    • Poison free
    • Will trap and hold a mouse without killing it
    • Each mouse trap is suitable for indoor or outdoor use
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