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Minky M Cloth Kitchen


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  • Saves Time – perfect results every time
  • Outstanding performance – up to 7x more cleaning power than other microfibre cloths.
  • Safer Environment – no need for chemicals
  • Scrubbing Stripes cut through grease and grime
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M Cloth Kitchen is dual sided for powerful non scratch cleaning, making light work of all wiping down and washing up tasks. The scrubbing side contains non scratch scrubbing stripes which quickly remove burnt on grease and grime, whilst the soft side is ideal for shiny surfaces.

Microscopic fibres clean brilliantly well as they offer significantly greater contact on the surface area, creating a powerful capillary action to clean away dirt and moisture.

M Cloth Kitchen works even better because on one side it has powerful non scratch scrubbing stripes to shift burnt on grease and grime.

M Cloth Kitchen has 700,000 fibres per cm² vs standard microfibre clothes with 100,000 per cm²

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Minky M Cloth Kitchen