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Macleans Toothpaste Freshmint 125ml


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1.Macleans Freshmint Toothpaste with a formula which leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh
2. Maintain healthy gums*, strong teeth and fresh breath with our triple protection formula
3. Contains fluoride which fights decay to help protect teeth
4. With a minty flavour for invigorating fresh breath
5. Macleans mint toothpaste helps give you a clean that you can feel
6. Meant for everyday use. Brush twice a day to maintain healthy teeth that others will notice

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Macleans Toothpaste Freshmint

Macleans Fresh Mint Toothpaste – you can feel confident that your teeth look and feel fresh and healthy, giving you confidence in your mouth every day. Macleans Protect Fresh Mint Toothpaste cares for your mouth, helping you keep it healthy and happy Natural peppermint oil for energize fresh breath, Antibacterial action for protection against bad breath, Deep down protection against plaque and decay.

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Macleans Toothpaste Freshmint 125ml