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Gillette Shave Gel Original Scent 200ml


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Go ahead and get Gillette Classic Original Scent Men’s Shaving gel! Its Comfort Glide formula lathers quickly, spreads easily and reduces friction.

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Gillette Shave Gel Original Scent

Gillette Shave Gel Original Scent features a comfort glide formula to offer you the most comfortable shave. The gel quickly lathers and easily spreads across your skin, reducing friction whilst you shave. Your skin will be left softer and smoother thanks to the moisturising effects of the gel’s rich formula. It is also designed to provide greater comfort and less irritation, with moisturising properties designed to protect the skin from nicks and redness, a common problem in shaving.

The instant softness you can feel on your skin following the shave will give you that extra glow and sets you up well for the day. Your skin will feel cleansed and soft, and the gel is easy to rinse off. Gillette’s soothing and friction-reducing formula is designed to moisturise whilst shaving so your skin won’t feel dry, tight or irritated.

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Gillette Shave Gel Original Scent 200ml

Gillette Shave Gel Original Scent 200ml