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Dove Conditioner Colour Care 200ml

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• Specially created to deeply nourish coloured hair

• Nourishing system keeps hair colour vibrant for up to 40 washes*

• Use Dove Colour Care Conditioner for longer lasting hair colour

• Formulated with our Vibrant Colour Lock technology

• Leaves coloured hair feeling silky and smooth every day

• Beautiful and healthy-looking hair, with every wash

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Enjoy that salon-fresh look and feel for longer with this Dove Nutritive Solutions Colour Care Conditioner. Designed for coloured hair, the nourishing system helps to keep your hair colour vibrant for up to 40 washes*.

Deeply conditioning your hair from within, this Dove conditioner for coloured hair leaves your locks feeling silky, soft and also beautiful.

Gentle enough for daily use, it even helps prevent hair breakage and shield strands from damage with every wash, so your hair gets better over time.

This Dove conditioner for dyed hair helps smooth and nourish your coloured hair for stronger, healthier strands. And formulated with our Vibrant Colour Lock technology for longer-lasting hair colour vibrancy, it also protects your hair – just like a hair breakage treatment.

Gently conditioning, Dove Colour Care Conditioner is suitable for daily use, helps to detangle your hair, and improves manageability every day.

Note: To experience comprehensive benefits, use alongside Dove Colour Care Shampoo

*Shampoo and conditioner system vs. non-conditioning shampoo

Perfect for

• Fresh, vibrant colour
Created especially for dyed and colour-treated hair, this Dove conditioner is formulated with our Vibrant Colour Lock technology to keep your hair vibrant for up to 40 washes*

• Progressively nourishing your hair
Nourished hair means silky, shiny hair that’s healthy on the inside, which helps your colour looks its best. That’s why this Dove conditioner progressively nourishes the strands from within so that your hair feels stronger, protected and beautiful wash after wash

• Instant detangling
Suitable for daily use, this Dove conditioner instantly softens and detangles your coloured hair and improves its manageability. Perfect for showing off that new dye job

*Shampoo and conditioner system vs. nonconditioning shampoo

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Dove Conditioner Colour Care 200ml

£1.75£2.99 (-41%)