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Bloo In Cistern Toilet Blocks Purple Water 2x38g


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  • Cleans & foams with every flush
  • Fine fragrance
  • Prevents lime scale
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Make your loo the best seat in the house with a long-lasting toilet block that you can rely on. Bloo in cistern block gets your toilet shining again with cleaning and foaming action. A hygienically clean and fresh toilet with every flush! Bring colour to your bathroom and turn your toilet water Violet with Bloo. Violet water technology that actively clean between flushes. With a concentrated cleaning action designed to prevent limescale. Our in cistern range cleans from the cistern to bowl every time you flush for a long lasting, thorough clean. No need to remove the pleated wrapper as this will dissolve in the water. Drop the block into the cistern by the water float. Allow 10 minutes for the block to settle before flushing. Replace with a new block when the colour starts to fade.

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Weight 0.088 kg
Dimensions 9.7 × 4.8 × 2.3 cm

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Bloo In Cistern Toilet Blocks Purple Water 2x38g