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AirPure Sandalwood & Oud Wax Melts 68g


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  • Odour Neutralising
  • Air Freshening
  • Up to 150 Hours of fragrance per pack
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Airpure Wax Melts

Airpure® Wax Melt fun facts! They are one of our best-selling products, in fact, did you know that someone buys a pack of our wax melts every 13 seconds! That’s a lot of nice smelling homes out there, so you’ll be in good company. The only downside? Deciding which one of these gorgeous fragrances to choose from!

With over 150 hours of fragrance, you know you are getting a lot of scent power with every single pack.

Years of dedication, research and passion are poured into every single melt along with a blend of waxes and fantastic fragrances.  We love our Wax Melts and we are sure you will too.

Sandalwood & Oud A rich, earthy scent with notes of sandalwood, citrus and orange, sat on a herbal and powdery base

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AirPure Sandalwood & Oud Wax Melts 68g