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  • Strong As An Ox Waterproof Sealing Tape 100mm x 3m

    • Ideal for stopping leaks instantly
    • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor use
    • Covers Gaps
    • Air Tight
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  • Home & Garden Multi-Purpose White Vinegar Trigger 500ml

    • Multi-Purpose
    • Suitable for glass and other surfaces
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  • Strong As An Ox Emergency Seal Repair Tape 25mm x 5m

    • Creates a watertight seal without the need for glue or adhesive.
    • Ideal for stopping leaks on gutters, hoses, taps, pipes, and more.
    • Quick and reliable emergency repair solution.
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  • Strong As An OX Who Needs Nails Grab Adhesive Clear Tube 184g

    • Versatile Bonding: STRONG AS AN OX GRAB ADHESIVE works on metal, wood, ceramics, concrete, brick, cork, and uPVC, as long as one surface is porous.
    • Multi-Purpose: Ideal for carpet grippers, coving, dado rails, decking, decorative panels, skirting boards, tiles, and more.
    • Robust Strength: Formulated to be as strong as an ox, providing a reliable and durable bond.
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  • Strong As An Ox Double Sided Mounting Tape 25mm x 1.5m

    • High-strength, versatile & user-friendly
    • Adaptable on any surface indoor and outdoor
    • Weatherproof and resistant to ageing
    • Extraordinary adhesive qualities for all DIY needs
    • Safe, easy to apply and cleanly removable
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  • Strong As An OX Who Needs Nails Artificial Grass All Weather Adhesive 290ml

    • Versatile Usage: Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, regardless of temperature.
    • Invisible Bonding: Green-tinted adhesive ensures a seamless, natural look without visible lines or ridges.
    • User-Friendly: Features rapid cure time and low-odour formula for efficient and pleasant installation.
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  • Rapide Complete Paint Pad Kit 5pc

    • Microfibre and shed-resistant materials ensure smooth application with consistent coverage.
    • Versatile applicability on walls, ceilings, and all types of surfaces.
    • Ergonomic design and adjustable handle for comfortable and precise painting.
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  • Strong As An Ox Fast Bond Mitre Fix Kit 2pk

    • Rapid Bonding: Strong As An Ox Mitre Fix Kit offers a quick bond with its 2-part set of high-viscosity adhesives and activator.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for vertical surfaces, the kit bonds various materials like MDF, wood, rubber, plastics, and more, making it suitable for porous or uneven substrates.
    • Accelerated Cure: Designed for projects requiring fast bonding times or accelerated cure speed, providing efficient results across different materials.
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  • Strong As An Ox Epoxy Resin Rapid Set 8g+8g

    • Versatile Application: Strong As An Ox Epoxy Resin is a 2-part adhesive designed for use on metal, wood, ceramics, glass, fibreglass, and most plastics, offering a versatile solution for various materials.
    • Quick Set: With a rapid set time, this epoxy resin hardens in minutes, providing a fast and efficient bonding solution, suitable for projects requiring a swift turnaround.
    • High-Strength Bond: Once set, it creates a tough, rigid bond, ensuring a durable and strong connection between materials, and making it reliable for a range of applications.
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  • Rapide Ultimate Paint Brush Roller Set 10pc

    • Complete Set: Rapide Ultimate Paint Brush Roller Set 10pc includes a 9” tray, roller frame, medium pile sleeve, 4” mini roller tray, mini roller frames, mini roller sleeves, 1.5” and 1” paint brushes, and a 12′ x 9′ polythene dust sheet.
    • Size Options: The set offers both 9” and 4” roller options, suitable for various surfaces and tasks. It also includes 1.5” and 1” paint brushes for diverse painting techniques.
    • Protection Included: With the addition of a 12′ x 9′ polythene dust sheet, the set ensures surfaces remain protected from paint spills and splatters during the painting process.
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  • Rapide Hi-Performance Cement 2KG

    • Approx 2kg
    • Rapide Hi-Performance Cement
    • Read Labels before Use
    • Rip and Moisture Resistant Bag
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  • Rapide Bond & Fill Expanding Foam 750ml

    • Expanding Foam
    • Seals & fills
    • Suitable for filling & sealing gaps & cavities
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