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No two rainbows are the same. Neither are two packs of Skittles. Enjoy an odd mix of chewy, and sometimes sour sweets!

  • Skittles Chewies Fruits Share Pouch 125g

    • Skittles Chewies Fruits Pouch offers the classic Skittles fruity taste in a soft and chewy form.
    • Each pouch contains 125g of delightful chewy candies, providing a satisfying treat for candy lovers.
    • With Skittles Chewies, experience the familiar burst of flavours without the crunchy shell, offering a unique twist on a beloved candy favourite.
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  • Skittles Giants Fruits Sweets Pouch 116g

    • Skittles Giants are three times bigger than regular Skittles.
    • They maintain the signature crunchy shell but feature a larger soft centre.
    • The assortment offers a vibrant burst of fruity flavours, resembling an upside-down rainbow.
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  • Skittles Giants Crazy Sours Sweets Pouch 116g

    • Skittles Giants are 3x bigger with a crunchy shell and larger soft center, offering an explosion of fruity flavors in every bite.
    • Perfect for sharing with friends, family, or coworkers, this pouch is designed for celebrations or casual snacking.
    • Enjoy these classic Skittles sweets on-the-go or stock up for special occasions like birthdays, holidays, or gatherings.
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