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  • Gifts & Gadgets Satin Hair Turban

    • One sent out, picked at random, type may vary
    • Helps minimise friction whilst sleeping
    • Great way to protect hairstyles
    • Constructed from 100% polyester
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  • Gifts & Gadgets Desktop Pin Ball Game

    • Great for playing with family
    • A game for those on the move
    • Suitable for ages 6+
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  • Gifts & Gadgets Pin Head Game

    • Fun and silly game
    • Includes 3 balls & 2 hats
    • Suitable for ages 6+
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  • Gifts & Gadgets Detangling Hair Brush

    • One Sent Out, Picked At Random, Type May Vary
    • Beadless bristles
    • Ergonomic design
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  • Gifts & Gadgets Extendable Back Massager 1PC

    These  four assorted colours:

    • Red
    • Blue
    • Pink
    • Black
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  • Extendable Back Scratcher 1pc

    • Ideal for the home or office
    • Would make a fun, novelty gift idea
    • Each back scratcher extends up to 51cm
    • One sent out, type may vary, picked at random
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