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Zoflora Limited Warm Cinnamon 120ML


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Zoflora Concentrated 120ml a powerful anti bacterial disinfectant choose from a range of scents

Been mum to 3 children and have one pomeranian in my home only means one thing , nasty smells.
Not saying my children smell nasty but the mess and dirt they bring in with them on a daily basis , or even the teenagers boys room smells unpleasant at times (if you ever wondered what that smell was coming from the teen boys room, just check for those odd 10 or more stinky lost sport socks that magically appear hidden under their beds).

To be honest , it is not that bad but the dogs do tend to leave a smell and although people say they cant smell anything when they come in to my house , I certainly can and with it’s coming up to winter that wet dog smell is going to become a little more unbearable .

I have never really been a dog fan but they came with my husband an so I have had to deal with the stink and mess they cause .

The fact they are out in the garden where there are all sorts of germs and unpleasant nasties , then bringing them into my home and spreading it all over my home is something I can never seem to bare thinking about . I may not be able to see the bacteria but I certainly know they are there.

I was sent a fantastic traditional cleaning agent last week by Zoflora.
Zoflora has been used in my home for many years and in fact I also remember my mum using it when I was small too so it goes to show this is one of the favourites and effective cleaning agents i love the online pound store xx

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    Garry Almond

    great smell

  2. 00

    Joanne Evans

    Smells divine

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    Karen Bardsley

    Smells lovely love it

  4. 00

    Helen E.

    Fab smell, Love it

  5. 00

    Paul M.

    Love the smell

  6. 00

    claire a.

    Smells amazing

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    Leslie Mechen


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    emily Swara

    Just love

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Zoflora Limited Warm Cinnamon 120ML

Zoflora Limited Warm Cinnamon 120ML