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Viakal Bathroom Limescale Spray 500Ml


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  • 100% Viakal power, with the freshness of febreze
  • Removes limescale and watermarks without harsh scent and prevents limescale return
  • Leaves a shine that lasts in kitchen and bathroom
  • Leaves a fresh floral scent behind
  • Deep cleaning

Clean and prevent limescale with Viakal Fresh spray

Viakal Fresh removes even the toughest limescale and cleans soap scum and watermarks in your bathroom and kitchen with the added freshness of Febreze floral-scent. Viakal spray is ideal for vertical surfaces, not only providing a thorough clean, but also a long-lasting shine. Its special formula creates a barrier to prevent watermarks from returning, even in hard water areas. Its formula respects your surfaces, so it can be used every day to clean a variety of spaces exposed to water – from faucets to tiles.

Effectively removes limescale and cleans
Viakal removes up to 100% of limescale 1 and cleans soap scums and bathroom dirt for a long lasting clean. For more cleaning tips, see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Ideal for regular use on multi-surfaces
Ideal for regular usage in your bathroom and kitchen. Viakal is safe to use on multiple surfaces, including shower walls, taps, glass doors, washbasins, bathtubs, chrome, stainless steel, and ceramic sinks.

Provides long-lasting shine
Viakal’s special formula respects your surfaces. When used regularly, it creates a barrier to prevent watermarks and limescale from returning, giving you a long-lasting shine.

With added Febreze freshness
The same powerful anti-limescale formula with the floral freshness of Febreze.

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Viakal Bathroom Limescale Spray 500Ml