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Peach Clove Oil 10ML


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Clove Oil BP is a cure to stop toothaches and temporary relieve the pain.If you have toothache, you should always see your dentist but for temporary relief you can rub clove oil along your gums to help with the pain. Although clove oil can be helpful in reducing symptoms, it should always be used sparingly and in a very diluted form.

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There are lots of different reasons for toothache, but normally it happens because there is a problem with your tooth or gums. Some of the most common causes of toothache include:

  • Tooth decay.
  • A cracked or damaged tooth.
  • A loose or broken filling.
  • Problems with braces.
  • A dental abscess.
  • Infection in your teeth or gums.

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Peach Clove Oil 10ML