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Mycota Athlete’s Foot Cream 25g


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Powerful treatment for athlete’s foot.

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Mycota Cream Specially formulated for the treatment and prevention of Athlete’s Foot. Mycota Cream is a tube containing: Zinc undeconoate 20% w/w, Undecenoic acid 5% w/w. Has both antifungal and an antibacterial properties. Treats and helps to prevent Athlete’s Foot. Can be used in conjunction with Mycota Powder and Mycota Spray. Mycota Cream is a topical antifungal and antibacterial medicine for Athlete’s Foot.


Adults, children and elderly. For treatment , wash and dry affected area and massage into the skin night and morning, particularly between the toes. In addition, dust with Mycota Powder. Wear clean socks or stockings each day dusted inside with Mycota Powder.

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Mycota Athlete's Foot Cream 25g