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Lynx Hydrate Mate Shower Gel 300ml


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What’s more hydrating than being knocked out cold by a freshwater wave? Okay, probably not a lot, but Lynx Hydrate Mate is definitely up there. Specially formulated with birch extract and sea minerals, and containing glycerin to help the skin maintain water balance – this might just our best body wash for men in need of extra hydration. We’re talking deep clean. We’re talking dermatologically tested. And we’re talking a body and face wash that you can use on your hair too. That’s 3 in 1! Skin dryness is a real thing. Maybe you’ve just finished work, or a football game. Add cold weather into the mix, and you’re looking at some serious dry skin at the end of the day. Thankfully, Lynx Hydrate Mate is the moisturising body wash that helps reboot your skin, leaving it feeling awesomely clean and hydrated. All you need to do is jump in the shower, squeeze out a handful of that super hydrating body wash, lather up and immerse yourself in the salty fresh fragrance. The result? Refreshed, clean skin, like you’ve just taken a dip in the ocean. A fresh shower gel that delivers. Help say goodbye to skin dryness and see you later to dreading the cold weather. Hello awesomely clean and hydrated skin. Amazing men’s skin care.

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    Darren Almond

    great value

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Lynx Hydrate Mate Shower Gel 300ml

Lynx Hydrate Mate Shower Gel 300ml