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Gaffa Tape/ Duct TapeBlack – 50mm x 10m length


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multi-purpose Gaffa tape can be used for many applications including, but not limited to; General repairs, packing, temporary marking, binding, reinforcing, and protecting. ..The very strong adhesive grab of this product enables it to bond to most dry and dust free surfaces including; Wood, plastics, concrete, Floors, walls, ceilings, metals, nylons – the list is endless! ..Product should be stored away from very high and low temperatures, Ideal application is made whilst at room temperature..

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we stock a variety of sizes of both gaffer tape and duct tape. Although many people use the two terms interchangeably, they are actually subtly different, and knowing the difference can be important when looking for a solution to your packaging problem. It’s also a key consideration when deciding where to buy duct tape and gaffer tape – as some retailers won’t stock the option most suited to you, but you can rest assured that we certainly do.

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    Darren Almond (store manager)

    great value!

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Gaffa Tape/ Duct TapeBlack - 50mm x 10m length

Gaffa Tape/ Duct TapeBlack - 50mm x 10m length