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Febreze Small Spaces Bathroom Air Freshener Spiced Apple 7.5ml


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Turn the oven off and get your Febreze SMALL SPACES Fresh-Spiced Apple on. Fill your home with the aromas of sweet apple and fall and forget about those old baking disasters. A holiday scent that freshens AND eliminates odors? It’s easy as pie.

How to use

Grab your favorite SMALL SPACES and click the button on the back to activate scent. Then set it down in the room you wanna freshen up and enjoy without a second thought.

TIP: Store under sinks and in closets for some seemingly invisible freshness.

Where to use

Use this compact little device in those sneaky, stinky small spaces—great for dorm rooms, bathrooms, or near your shoe collection in the closet.

DON’T USE in your car (there’s a CAR Vent Clip for that), expansive open concept home, or shopping mall

When to use

If you love how the freshness of SMALL SPACES lasts for 45 days, keep other scents on hand to keep the odor-eliminating party going all year long.

Additional information

Weight 0.043 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 11 × 4 cm
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Febreze Small Spaces Bathroom Air Freshener Spiced Apple 7.5ml