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Dettol 3power wipes Bathroom 64 LARGE WIPES


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The Dettol 3X Power Wipes have 3X more cleaning action, giving you a powerful clean with disinfection for most of your hard surfaces leaving a fresh clean fragrance. Formulated with unique Trap & Lift Technology, that traps dirt and crumbs so when you wipe, they are trapped and lift straight off the surface. Dettol 3X Power Wipes are tough on soap scum and remove limescale to give your bathroom a hygienically clean shine. They remove grease and burnt on food to make sure that messy situations are always cleaned and surfaces disinfected. Dettol 3X Power Wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria & viruses including E.coli and salmonella The new Dettol 3X Power Wipes are suitable for Work Surfaces, Kitchen Surfaces, Sealed wooden surfaces, Sinks, Glass surfaces, Draining boards, Bins, Floors, Shower Screens, Toilet Seats, Baths & Taps, Children’s toys

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    kathryn burgess

    Very good

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    Love it

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    Yazmin Goodfellow

    Just like ordinary wipes

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    Nikita Burton

    Great wipes

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    Mark S.

    Love them

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    Great for bathroom. Smell great and leaves a shine

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Dettol 3power wipes Bathroom 64 LARGE WIPES

Dettol 3power wipes Bathroom 64 LARGE WIPES