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Children’s Sunglasses Assorted


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Children’s Sunglasses Assorted

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Wholesale Kid’s Sunglasses found at CTS all provide 100% UVA & UVB protection; which is very important for children’s eyes. Not only are they protective, they’re adorable too! You’ll find a great range of whimsical, playful styles for both boys and girls; all priced at our unbeatable wholesale pricing. Our children’s styles work best for younger children, although we cannot guarantee what age group is ideal; as children vary in size. If you are shopping for 4th grade or above, your best bet would be our adult styles. Always be sure to check out the size chart found just below the photos, where you will find measurements that are specific to the model you are looking at.

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Children's Sunglasses Assorted

Children's Sunglasses Assorted