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Buster Plug Hole Sanitiser Citrus Active Gel 300ml


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Bathroom and kitchen plugholes can harbour some harmful bacteria and a build-up of this causes offensive smells.
Buster Citrus Plughole Sanitiser Gel works to coat the pipe to kill the bacteria, banish nasty smells and tackle stains in stainless steel sinks and overflows leaving plugholes clean and fresh.

Use weekly to prevent build-up
What to do
For plugholes
1. Squirt in and around the plughole and overflow
2. Leave to work for 30 mins or longer, then flush with hot water
3. Use at least weekly for clean, deep-down freshness
Don’t Use
In washing machines, dishwashers or waste disposal units. For these, use Buster Sanitiser Foaming Granules
Use with care
Suitable for most materials including acrylics. If surfaces are old or worn, test a small area first
Safe for septic systems
Take care on gold plated or brass coloured fittings
Read label before use

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Buster Plug Hole Sanitiser Citrus Active Gel 300ml

Buster Plug Hole Sanitiser Citrus Active Gel 300ml