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1001 Carpet Fresh Frosted Winter Berries 300ml


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  • Eliminates all types of everyday hidden odours without the need to vacuum
  • Leaving your carpet and whole room smelling naturally fresh and clean
  • Penetrates deep down into the carpet fibres instantly neutralising trapped odours
  • Ideal for daily room freshener to treat everyday smells from pets, tobacco and cooking
  • Contains no bleaching agents and is safe to use on all types of carpets including wool

Keep your carpets and rugs smelling amazing with our limited-edition winter fragrance.

1001 Carpet Fresh Winter Berries blends fruity floral and spice notes to eliminate all types of hidden smells, without the need to vacuum.

Blended by perfume experts, this quick-drying foam penetrates deep down into your carpet fibres, instantly neutralising trapped odours. It dries in just a few minutes, and its rich berry fragrance will leave your carpet and whole room smelling fresh and clean.

1001 Carpet Fresh Thai Orchid & Passion Fruit is safe to use on the most delicate of carpets, including wool. It’s your best friend when you want to deal with lingering carpet and rug smells and enjoy hours of freshness.

Important Information

  • Allow treated area to dry before coming into contact with skin.
  • Do not use 1001 Carpet Fresh near birds.
  • Do not use on ‘velvet’ type materials, brocade, rayon or those unsuitable for wet cleaning.

Additional information

Weight 0.364 kg
Dimensions 23 × 4.5 × 23 cm

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1001 Carpet Fresh Frosted Winter Berries 300ml