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  • DuraMitt The Green Mitt


    The White Mitt has a fine white scouring surface for scouring without scratching.

    Ideal for cleaning sinks, showers, baths,
    ceramic tiles, fibreglass,
    Pyrex & Teflon cookware.
    Also good for scum lines .
    on pools and spas.

    Advantages of DURAMITT

    Washable & Reusable.

    Protects hand while you clean.

    Mildrew Resistant

    Can be used Wet or Dry

    A better alternative to normal
    latex/rubber gloves.

    No need to grasp a cleaning pad.

    Ergonomically correct design.

    Waterproof and easy to use.

    Versatile – can be used anywhere.

    Cotton lined interior for comfort.

    Dishwasher Safe

    Powder Free & Multi-Purpose.

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